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Technomedia Student Card System – SCS is innovative multifunctional card system with individual approach to every user. Different modules (such as food, accommodation in dormitories, ranking, student services etc.) can function separately, depending on the needs of organization in which the system is implemented.

Unlike conventional software solutions that are focused on the transaction, Technomedia Student Card System – SCS is primarily oriented on the student itself. Mission of Technomedia Student Card System – SCS is to improve the quality of student’s life during academic education – from the beginning of studies until the graduation.

By printing, visual identification data of the student are provided on each card. Student card can contain two chips: contact and/or contactless. Contact chip includes personal information about the user, accommodation and food in the dorm and restaurant, medical examinations and has a function of electronic wallet. The contactless chip of card is used to record the information about student’s attendance to lectures and exercises, access to libraries and other services that are following the life and work at the university.

Technomedia Student Card System – SCS integrates latest technological solutions and pragmatism in use, providing more efficient administrative work in student services, library, dorm, restaurant etc.


  • Identification

  • AC&TA

  • Feeding and accommodation

  • Library

  • Parking

  • Other service


  • Identification

  • Feeding and accommodation

  • Data from faculty and electronic index

  • Retrieved from medical examinations

  • Other service

Technomedia SCS modules:

  • Student campus

  • Student office

  • Financial management

  • Enterprise Time System – University modul

  • Libraries

  • Student polyclinic

  • E-wallet

  • Automatic Payment machines

  • Digital signature

  • Parking…

In addition to these features, the electronic card programmed for Technomedia Student Card System – SCS can be linked to the services provided by international organizations International Student Identity Card – ISIC (International Student Identity Card), European Youth Card Association (EYCA) and others. through which the students have the option of exercising the rights of discounts around the world.


  • Accurate records

  • Operational costs reduction

  • Increased number of users

  • Platform for new services development

  • Card personalization within the system

  • Express restaurants – loyalty cards

  • APM – terminals for internal transactions


  • Simple use

  • Student identification using visual dataprinted on card

  • Access control faculties and lecture halls/classrooms

  • Presence evidence in lectures, practices, colloquiums, exams and other student duties

  • Electronic index

  • Data availability and high quality service

  • APM (automated payment machine)

  • Exam applications

  • Reduced and more efficient administration

  • Service payments

  • Other transactions over the intranet and internet

  • Digital certificate – electronic signature

  • Card and electronic system revenue can be used as development generator

  • Identification

  • Meals

  • Accommodation

  • Electronic index

  • Medical

  • Libraries

  • Payment

  • Digital certificate

  • Intranet and internet services

  • Access Controle

  • Time Attedence

  • Loundry

  • Mobile phones with NFC features are already widely distributed, significantly cheaper than special purpose terminals for time attendance recordings and have multiple uses.

  • Communication with the server (on line or off line) and data transfer using WiFi, SMS or E-mail service.

  • For large gatherings in large halls, or when necessary, it is possible to use multiple mobile devices or combined with fixed terminals.

  • Forget the paper lists and manual checkings. It is possible immediate synchronization with the student services system and with the other services and portals.

  • Synchronization with the server can be automatic or semi-automatic.

  • Lecturer (professor, teaching assistant…) who leads a session chooses: University, Faculty, subject, session type (lecture, practice, exam….) and in specific moment initiate the session where students who already have student cards can record their attendance, usually at the end of the lecture in presence of lecturer. This way student confirms the presence and avoids mistaken identity or multiple recordings.

  • Other internal transactions, such as loyalty payments, bus and other tickets can be monitored.