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Organizations that are using Technomedia ETS are improving their efficiency by applying innovative concept in time attendance. Technomedia ETS system improves time management system with:

  • Automatic data collection

  • Automatic data processing

  • Simple data management without time limitation

  • Simple report generator

  • Elimination of common mistakes during gathering, processing and supervising of events

Technomedia ETS is designed as a modern “open” system. Identification can be performed by entering a PIN number, using card, or by bio-identification (fingerprint or face recognition) or their combination depending on the terminal characteristics and client needs. You can use RFID cards of different standards and manufacturers. Technomedia ETS can be installed on Linux and the Microsoft platform. Technomedia ETS can follow and oversee the business system of one legal entity with more remote geographical locations and business systems of more entities that are sharing a single location or have common terminals for time attendance and access control.

Technomedia ETS applications:

  • ETS Configurator – desktop application for managing settings of the system such as: users, the privileges, hardware, access control etc.

  • ETS web – applications that manage, monitor and report about processes related to time attendance and access control.

  • ETS Time Attendance Android – applications which help us to record time attendance and/or location on mobile devices or which is used for access to main application.

Technomedia ltd is HID Global NAS development partner (NAS – Network Access Solutions Product Development Licence Agreement) and an authorized distributor of products of Korean company Suprema.

Technomedia ETS is a modular and flexible system.

Technomedia ETS system modularity enables providing the exact and necessary system functionality which leaves enough space for further upgrade. Regardless if the organization is small or big, if it is in industrial, banking or some other sector, if it does business at one or more locations, Technomedia ETS is applicable in any case. If more organization operate in one working premises, all organizations can be managed with Technomedia ETS system.

Technomedia DCS currently supports operations of global terminal manufacturers Suprema and Kaba, as well as domestic SDD ITG and UniCard.

Technomedia DCS is designed so that in addition to the possibility of extending the list of manufacturers of time attendance and access control can be used to collect data from IP cameras and POS terminals.

Key features:

  • Multilingual

  • Easy and intuitive

  • Modular, scalable and flexible

  • Possibility of integration with GPS

  • Possibility of integration with a variety of HR and payroll software

  • Possibility of integration with other systems of technical security

  • Ability to adapt legislation states in which the client operates

  • Ability to adapt to the client’s organization

  • Ability to adapt to the specifics of client business

  • Contains advanced notification systems

  • Include procedures for security and data back up

Key advantages: 

  • Functional in large corporations, as well as in small and medium companies

  • Compatibility with hardware from different manufacturers (HID, Suprema, KABA, …)

  • The possibility of using NFC Android smartphone and tablet as a portable terminal

  • Compatibility with MySQL, MS SQL and Oracle database

  • Compatibility with Linux, Microsoft and Android platform

  • Independent of the types of identification

  • Comprehensive and easy system configuration

  • Advanced and efficient workforce planning

  • Managing and monitoring past, real time and future events

  • Comprehensive and easy to manage roles

  • Comprehensive and easy reporting system

Technomedia ETS is simple and flexible solution regardless the number of employees in the organization. Unlimited number of types of activities and individuality in their definition from standard types of work (Work time, official time, part time, over time, night work, private time, sick leave, leave…) to specific types of work for business environment.

Interactive Graphic Interface in simply and intuitive way facilitates the use and communication with the system. Design and the review of the projected time, definition and the overview of types of work, review of the current presence /absence of a particular employee or a group, conflict resolution, supervision and other are just a mouse click away from users on a monthly work sheet.

Technomedia ETS have optional modul Access Control which is designed to with using of high quality terminals of leading world producers answer to all security challenges independently or in correlation with other systems. Technomedia ETS communicate with other security systems: fire alarm systems, alarms, intrusions systems and video surveillance systems depending on the requirements and installed software.

Within Technomedia ETS system Student module is developed which is intended for faculties and it serves for student time attendance. The main characteristic of this module is flexibility.

The advantage of this module compared to similar software is that it determines student’s presence dynamically.

In Technomedia ETS student module, traditional monitoring of timetables and available resources (amphitheaters and classrooms) is completely avoided. Usage of portable terminals and mobile phones allows avoiding expensive network infrastructure installations. With this portable terminals and mobile phones, classes can be kept in nature.

  • Mobile phones with NFC features are already widely distributed, significantly cheaper than special purpose terminals for time attendance recordings and have multiple uses.

  • By data transfer, WiFi, SMS or E-mail services, current or delayed communication with server is enabled

  • For large gatherings in large halls, or when necessary, it is possible to use multiple mobile devices or combined with fixed terminals

  • Forget the paper lists and manual checkings

  • It is possible immediate synchronization with the student services system and with the other services and portals

  • Synchronization with the server can be automatic or semi-automatic

  • Access to the server can have anyone with the permission, from any location that is, by local network or through the Internet

  • Combination Technomedia ETS/Android application + SmartPhone is applicable also in construction business for tracking workers on construction sites, and for recording all consulting nature operations where is difficult to track attendance, since there is no fixed location (usage of modules supervision/verification where employee suggests event to its supervisor, who confirms request or not)

  • Other internal transactions, such as loyalty payments, bus and other tickets can be monitored