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Making business plans
We specialize in making all kinds of business plans in order to assess the viability of a business idea, get a loan at the bank, as well as to attract potential investors and other needs.

Analysis and market research
When making strategically important decisions, it is the most important to properly investigate the market, from the planning and the organization itself, to the actual implementation of the research. We select the most appropriate research method for you and your company, as well as creating survey questionnaires, electronic data processing and analysis of the results obtained.

Analysis and business optimization
At every stage of the company’s development there is enough space for improvements and optimizations of the business. In order to increase efficiency and business productivity, it is necessary to identify the critical processes and ways in which they can be improved and automated within the team. We are qualified to provide you with quality analysis and business optimization proposals.

Corporate Management
Switching from a smaller enterprise to a big corporation is a tough and stressful period requiring specific managerial skills and knowledge. Our team of experts will give you advices on how to increase management efficiency at a higher level, primarily through better understanding of management tools and solving situational problems.

Liquidation and bankruptcy
If your company reached a stage where it is necessary liquidation or bankruptcy, as well as a restructuring program, with us you can ask for all legal and economic advices during this process or give us full control of the entire process.

Consulting for foreign investors
We offer all types of business consultancy for foreign investors. With us you can find specific packages of services in which we provide all the information you need to get started with investments.

Acquisition of financial resources with financial institutions
In part of the Financial consulting segment, you can request our support services with the acquisition of financial resources from financial institutions as well as all relevant information related to this business segment.

Debt restructuring of public institutions or companies
If you need debt restructuring, whether public or corporate, you can ask for our economic advices as well as assistance during the entire process, from the beginning to the final realization.

Collecting bad investments
Do not know how to collect bad investments? Along with our consulting services, ask for advice and assistance in collecting bad investments and solve this segment of your business.

Asset collection and collection in enforcement proceedings
Through our consulting services you can efficiently and quickly solve the problem of asset collection and collection in enforcement proceedings. We will ensure that the entire procedure is executed on time and with the promptness and professionalism of the service.

Risk management
Proper risk management is the best way to maintain your business at a high level and improve it in the right direction. Find out which are the best ways to take proper risk management.

Value assessment
Our advisors and authorized experts of economics are there to make an optimal valuation of assets and to help you present the best financially.

Increase capital and expand your company business with our expert help. Trust us to carry out the whole recapitalization process.

Direct taxes
Within our Tax consulting segment you can get all the information about direct taxes, how to pay them, taxation process etc.

Indirect taxes
Need information about Indirect Taxes? We advise on this group of taxes, how they are calculated and everything about the taxation process in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Protection of legal interests in the taxation procedure
When it comes to a tax procedure, it is extremely important to protect legal interests during its lifetime. You can find out about this procedure as well as how to protect legal interests in the tax procedure.

Optimization of tax obligations
If you’re not sure how to optimize your tax obligations, leave it to our team of experts. Here we are for you to determine optimal ways of taxation.

Establishment of companies
As part of the Legal consulting section, ask for all information about establishing a company, legal and regulatory regulations, and assisting with the preparation of documentation.

Change of a legal form of business
If you need a change of the legal form of a business, you can contact us for legal consulting services so that we can help you reach the desired goal in a quick and easy way.

Preparation of all types of contracts
Do you need a contract preparation? Request our help! Our legal consulting service prepares all types of contracts according to your requirements.

Conversion of receivables into equity
You are not sure how to convert your receivables into equity? Search for help with us! By using legal advice, you can solve the problem of receivables and easily and efficiently convert it into equity.

Mandatory purchase and forced sale of shares
Did you find yourself in a situation where you need compulsory purchase or forced sale of shares? Make it easy for yourself to make a decision. Our team of experts will help you to make a purchase quickly, efficiently and easily!

Organization of Corporate Governance in a Business Company
Properly organized corporate management system in a company will help you avoid many problems. That is why it is necessary for experienced experts from this area to make a proper system so that the company can function well.

Consulting related to the competition protection
Competition is a very important segment of the business itself, because you can quickly and easily improve your business by properly using the information they provide. That is why we offer competition protection consulting to help you properly review all information.

Merger and Acquisition Processes
The process of mergers and acquisitions is one of the key strategic moves in which you can improve your business or degrade it completely. That is why it is necessary to consult with the expert team to make this process according to the desired goals.